Check Out A Weekend with Warren

Our next publication, the sweet romantic comedy novel A Weekend with Warren by Rene Penn, is available now. It’s for readers who enjoy:

  • a cozy story;
  • a slow-burn love story;
  • a workplace romance;
  • an enemies-to-lovers trope;
  • witty banter; and
  • a happily ever after ending

The hero

Warren Kelly is the self-proclaimed “Top Dog of Sales” at an advertising agency. He lives in Georgetown, wears suede loafers that look like slippers, drives a Vespa, and thinks falling in love should come easy.

The heroine

Bridget Diaz is Warren’s newest coworker. No one knows that she walked away from beauty pageantry years ago to start a “normal” life and is now knee-deep in debt. She can hardly afford a cup of coffee, lives in a dingy basement apartment, sleeps on a clearance-rack futon, and dreams about getting out of debt not falling in love.

The rivalry

Bridget and Warren have their eyes on the same thing: a new, big potential client at work. Bridget wants to win this client to get out of her financial hole, but bad luck and bad timing intervene…

The problem

An unlucky incident with a pesky popcorn kernel sends Bridget to the dentist for a procedure. She has no family or friends in DC. And she has no one else to ask for help—except for Warren.

It’s completely unexpected for Bridget to ask “the enemy” for help. So what happens when this workplace rivalry takes an unexpected turn?

Find out in A Weekend with Warren, book three of the Love and Work series by Rene Penn.

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